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jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016

Costa Rica.-Sloth shows he's no slouch - this sporty little cutie is a YOGA expert

A British tourist and his Aussie girlfriend stumbled across this unusually active little fellow in Costa Rica where he appeared to be practising yoga

The supple sloth performs the yogic gate pose
They are famed for being the laziest members of the animal kingdom, but this sporty sloth has proved his critics wrong by indulging in a spot of yoga .
Brit Anthony Pace, 30, was backpacking around Central America with his Aussie girlfriend Claudia Moser, 33, when he was treated to this off-the-beaten-track experience.
Amazingly, the couple stumbled upon the sloth taking a moment to hold a gate pose, a popular move practised by yogis around the world.
The creature had opted to take his exercise by the side of the road in Costa Rica.
CatersYoga sloth poses with Claudia
Aussie tourist Claudia poses with her new friend
The sloth attempts to find his inner harmony
CatersThe sloth contemplates the meaning of life
Contemplating the meaning of life
Claudia, who has practiced yoga for several years, couldn’t resist joining the sloth in its moment of tranquility and Anthony captured the unlikely shot.
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