We've seen Kristin Chenoweth sing on Glee. We've seen her play Maleficent. We've seen her hang out in Oz. (It's why she has a Tony — the woman has a vast array of talents.) The new coming-of-age dramedy Hard Sell (in theaters and on video-on-demand platforms Friday), though, lets Chenoweth stretch her more dramatic chops as the unstable, struggling Long Island mother of teenage Hardy (Skyler Gisondo).
The kid has problems supporting his mom while also going to an elite private prep school, and when he meets attractive runaway Bo (Katrina Bowden), the two youngsters figure out a way to make some serious cash off his classmates. But this exclusive clip puts aside the shenanigans to showcase an emotional scene with Chenoweth and Gisondo where mom's getting some help and tells him she's proud of her boy. It's OK, let the waterworks flow, people.