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viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

Attempted suicide or murder of Nicolás Maduro. Last minute.

Nicolás Maduro. Attempted suicide or murder of Nicolás Maduro. Last minute. Blog de Juan Pardo

Just when, Nicolás Maduro is aware that the US Navy was taking positions to besiege the Venezuelan oil well complex. About half past twelve this morning Spanish-the network of espionage that the CIA around the US embassy in Venezuela detects a slight uproar in one of the many homes that Maduro has in and around Caracas. Although all the wiretaps have not yet been deciphered, one can be sure that the best Venezuelan health teams were transferred to "that" address in question and that the patient or deceased was Nicolás Maduro. News that we will expand throughout the day.

The CIA pays particular attention to each leader of the Bolivarian movement, to their personal characteristics and level of commitment; As well as their own personalities, roles, potentials, levels of influence and leadership, as well as their own temperamental and personality traits, such as level of socialization, communicative skills and individual defects. Group studies, the characterization of social forces such as unions, ethnic groups, student movements, communities, establishing the political dynamics within them, economic aspirations and immediate needs are not exempt; The leading role is given to the characterization of the leaders of these movements, their personal yearnings, their level of commitment and their vulnerabilities.

It is obvious that all CIA activities are done with people, highly qualified and sophisticated technology. They are people with sufficient quality and motivation, which turns their actions into personal stimulus. The key to the success of a CIA spy is motivation, performance effectiveness, as well as a set of crucial abilities and abilities in the espionage world, such as ability to unfold, histrionic skills, prodigious memory, Gift of people, charisma, and, above all, commitment. That seeks the CIA in the people and tries to exploit it effectively.Therefore we discard any kind of PROTAGONISM, from which deduces the absolute certainty of their reports .

Juan pardo
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