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domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

KATIE PRICE has lashed out at Foot Locker today after reportedly not being able to exchange £1000 worth of trainers

KICKING OFF Katie Price slams Foot Locker in dispute over exchanging £1000 worth of trainers

The mum-of-five even claimed at one point that the manager stole her car keys in the Twitter rant
KATIE Price has lashed out at Foot Locker today after reportedly not being able to exchange £1000 worth of trainers
The former glamour model filmed herself in the store as she claimed staff were not letting her change her trainers after getting them in the wrong size.
She went on to claim that the store's manager had ran off with her car keys - but later says they were returned to her.
In the video - taking in the Brighton branch of the store - the shoes can be seen alongside a miserable looking Princess.
Shooting the clip Katie rants: "This is proof. I’m here with Princess, I’m leaving these trainers in the Brighton Footlocker store. I’m going to call head office. I’ve spent £1,000 on trainers yesterday, couldn’t carry them all."
Katie Price
Katie Price has hit out at Foot Locker
Katie Price
Princess also appears in the video with her mum
She continued: "And I’ve just brought these trainers back to get a size five because they’re too small, and I’m being refused to be able to change them because I haven’t got the box - where the people yesterday said nothing about having to bring a box.
"So this is evidence, I’m leaving these trainers at the Brighton store and no one will get me another size."
Katie Price
Katie said she had purchased £1000 of trainers
Not content with her video evidence she also tweet - making the claim about the store manager.
She wrote: "All I want is a size 5 and refused with a receipt just because I didn't have the box which I wasn't given. So what's footlocker going to do all I want is my trainers in a 5.
"Soo the manager steals my car keys runs out the back I call police as she won't give them back .. Finally got keys and no exchange (sic)"
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