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domingo, 29 de mayo de 2016


Yup, she went there.
Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke has revealed that she had some rather unexpected company when watching herself strip down in a recent episode of the show.
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Apparently, the star's parents were "concerned" that her character - the Mother of Dragons, aka Daenerys Targaryen - didn't have "much too do" in the first few episodes of the show's sixth season.
So, naturally, she sat them down to watch Book of the Stranger, where her character strips down to walk through a raging fire.
Emilia Clarke watched this scene with her parents by her side. Photo: HBO
"In hindsight, not the best episode to choose," she said on The Graham Norton Show.
"There was a lot of you in that episode!" Norton laughed in reply
Speaking on the awkwardness that followed her body being exposed on screen, Clarke said she "probably started talking about something really important…like Top Gear!" to distract her parents.
The actress previously revealed that she needed "vodka and some flattering lighting" to convince her to strip down again for the HBO series.
"It was just a wonderful, strong moment I wanted to own, a real empowering, girl-power wow scene. I was so thrilled with it. It's not a sexy scene, she's not naked for no reason, it's not gratuitous. She's naked because she's just destroyed her enemies in this almighty blaze after they underestimated her."
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