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martes, 13 de septiembre de 2016

If Hillary Clinton falls ill, will Bill be boss?

What has damaged Hillary Clinton — besides her basket of deplorable lies — is that video showing her being helped into a van.
You've seen it: Her knees buckling, her ankle turning, a frail Mrs. Clinton all but collapsing. She would have fallen to the ground if she hadn't been caught by her security detail. And if the episode hadn't been recorded on video, her campaign would have most likely lied about her health too.
But it was captured on video, forcing her campaign to break its odd silence and offer a diagnosis: pneumonia.
As we all hope for her quick recovery, as Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans freak out, floating contingency-plan scenarios, I've got a question:
If Hillary Clinton was elected president only to later become incapacitated for health reasons, who would run the government during her recovery?
Bill Clinton, her First Laddie.

Bill Clinton

That's not conspiracy talk, that's American history. Presidents sometimes become ill. And though it's not written into law, a willing and determined presidential spouse can and has had great impact during a health crisis.
Consider Edith Wilson, the wife of the liberal Democratic icon (and stone-cold racist) President Woodrow Wilson.
She was de facto president when Wilson became ill. Some historians say he had a stroke. Others say it was really a bout of Spanish flu in the pandemic that killed millions.
Either way, President Wilson was unable to function. And so, from the shadows of the Wilson White House, his wife quietly ran things.
You could make the argument that Edith Wilson was the first female chief executive of the United States. It wasn't advertised, but it was known to the political class, to the Wilson Cabinet, to anyone who needed an answer from the president.
Edith Wilson was the boss.
And so it would be with Bill, even more so, because Edith Wilson was not a former president.

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