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martes, 26 de julio de 2016

ANIMAL.-Stop Violence Against Animals by Enforcing Animal Protection Laws

Target: Mahfouz Saber, Minister of Justice of Egypt
Goal: Protect animals by enforcing current animal protection laws.
Animals are still insufficiently protected in spite of laws being passed to guarantee their fair treatment. Despite containing an animal rights article in the country’s constitution, Egyptian officials are reportedly taking no notice of the legislation and doing nothing to apply animal protection laws. The government is killing stray dogs by shooting and poisoning them, and activists claim that violence against animals is escalating in the country. We must take action to protect these innocent creatures.
Activists in Egypt are struggling to stress the importance of animal rights in a country where a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line and human-related crises are prioritized. While authorities should continue to focus on problems affecting the country’s population, activists are calling for better protection of animals in Egypt. The animal rights article in the country’s constitution was put in place to preserve natural areas and wildlife, promote the protection of endangered species, and encourage the kind treatment of animals. However, its directives are not executed and animals continue to suffer.
Sign this petition urging Egyptian officials to implement the country’s animal rights legislation to ensure animals are better protected by the law.
Dear Minister Saber,
Animals are still poorly treated in Egypt, and the government itself takes part in cruel actions against them, such as shooting and poisoning strays in the street. This is despite an animal protection article in the Egyptian constitution calling for the kind treatment of animals, among other environmental and animal rights directives.
Egypt must urgently implement this legislation to ensure animals are adequately protected under the law and to put a stop to what activists call a “phenomenon of escalating violence” against animals in the country. Please take urgent steps to ensure Egypt’s animal rights laws are applied in order to protect the country’s vulnerable beings.
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