WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama opened his last White House Correspondents’ Association dinner speech Saturday with Anna Kendrick’s hit, “You’re Going to Miss Me When I’m Gone.” “You know it’s true,” he teased, and in closing deliberately dropped his microphone and said simply: “Obama out.”

The end of the line was Obama’s theme.
His speech played off the dwindling number of months he has left in his presidency.
Indeed, in one video skit, Obama gets advice for his post-presidential life from Vice President Joe Biden, busy polishing his aviator sunglasses, and former House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who hilariously tried to tempt Obama with a cigarette while the two killed time watching a movie in the White House theater.
If only Obama and Boehner — great hams both — could have done this years ago, would the partisanship that has marked Obama’s tenure been different? Or maybe their video chemistry only worked because Boehner is gone and Obama is on his way out. Anyway, I digress.
Obama wrapped up eight years of speeches to this dinner, where Hollywood stars, celebs from various worlds and political figures of both parties assemble each year in a giant ballroom along with journalists ranging from star anchors to beat reporters.
Obama is a slick comedian: His timing, his facial expressions, his shrugs and his material is always sharp. He aimed zingers Saturday at Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton — who were not there — and Bernie Sanders, who attended this most establishment of establishment events with his wife, Jane.
Sanders wore a suit, not a tux at this black tie affair, and he seemed to enjoy the Hollywood fandom attention and selfie requests he was getting from guests at the pre-dinner receptions and in the ballroom.