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viernes, 6 de mayo de 2016

Members of the chapter are believed to be Police-only 'bikie' gang inquiry, chapter in Perth.

Police bikie gang inquiry
Members of the chapter are believed to be police.
Gunfighters MC has hundreds of police members worldwide who like to ride Harley-Davidsons and dress like the so-called outlaw bikie gangs that are regularly accused by police of being criminal organisations.
The gang’s newly formed West Coast chapter is believed to be the first in Australia.
But members appear to have kept their involvement secret from their bosses, with even the State’s gang crime squad un-aware of it until informed byThe Weekend Westthis week.
While there is no suggestion the WA members have been involved in crime or any other inappropriate activity, the news of their existence was met with a swift response from Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan, who ordered the internal inquiry within hours of being told.
“While I have been advised all serving police officers have since resigned their membership of the Gunfighters Motorcycle Club, these officers are being served a letter formally advising that membership of such a club has the potential to be in breach of our code of conduct and bring discredit upon the agency,” he said.
“I have also ordered an inquiry to examine the conduct of the officers during their association with this club and should that investigation identify any misconduct or breaches of Police Force regulations, then action will be taken.”
Dressing like 'thugs' is 'not a good look', for WA Police, according to one officer. Picture: Facebook.
Real bikies were also dismayed, accusing police of double standards for demonising them by day but trying to imitate them in their private lives.
The Gunfighters MC patch features a skull and two bony fists clutching revolvers, as well as a five-pointed star representing a sheriff’s badge — the only indication of the gang’s law enforcement roots. Membership is open to men only and they must be either current or former law enforcement officers.
The gang claims on its international website to be a “fraternal organisation” that upholds the law, respects other clubs and does not seek conflict.
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