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lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

Web sensation.-Thai ladyboy 'Sexy Pancake' dies days after getting penis amputated to stop spread of cancer caused by years of taping genitals down

Web sensation won thousands of fans with bizarre video podcasts

Sexy Pancake
Sexy Pancake became an internet hit with his bizarre online videos
A THAI ladyboy web sensation named Sexy Pancake has died after developing cancer from years of taping his penis down.
The online star, 27, who won thousands of fans with his bizarre podcast videos, had his manhood amputated earlier this month to try and stop the spread of the disease.
Sexy Pancake – whose real name is Niwat Sangmor – was only diagnosed with Stage 3 penile cancer a few weeks ago after visiting a clinic in Khon Kaen, north-eastern Thailand, following a brief illness.
Medics told Sangmor that the disease was likely caused by taping his privates down to make himself more convincing as a woman.
Sexy Pancake / SWNS
The star had his penis amputated to stop the spread of cancer, after only being recently diagnosed
 Sexy Pancake / SWNS

video Tragic thai ladyboy web sensation dances in podcast thumbnail
Tragic thai ladyboy web sensation dances in podcast

Sexy Pancake posted pictures of himself in hospital while appealing to his fans for help to fund his treatment
 CEN / Facebook

The situation wasn’t helped by the fact he often left them like that overnight – something which he confirmed in a statement on his Facebook fan page.
The reduced flow of blood to the genitals is thought to encourage the growth and spread of cancerous cells.
Sexy Pancake had made appeals to his fans to help fund his treatment online, as well as posting pictures of himself in his hospital bed.
But despite doctors’ attempts to save him, he tragically passed away at 7.30pm on Saturday.
CEN / Facebook
Sangmor tragically died on Saturday despite doctors' efforts to save him with surgery CEN / Facebook

CEN / Facebook
Sexy Pancake's fans took to social media to pay tribute to the tragic web star

Sangmor had gathered almost half a million likes on his social media page over a three-year career.
His fans in Thailand and around the world took to Twitter and Facebook to write messages of condolence.
Zoë Veñegas tweeted: “Up to now I still can't believe #SexyPancake is gone. She made millions of people happy including me. I hope she's happier now. R.I.P”
And Kaewmala wrote: “RIP #SexyPancake who shared the humorous side of rural Thai #transgender life. Many will remember her w/ affection.”
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